Affordable Senior Housing

We are at our best when we are determined to support each other and meet critical needs within our community. Since the Sno-Valley Senior Center membership voted to support affordable senior housing in the community last year, a committee has been researching projects throughout the valley, talking to people about how to build, run, and finance affordable housing. Many possibilities have been discussed, including working with other agencies.

Project Update, February 2023

Special Project Fund – Donate or pledge at the link HERE!

We have raised $298,000 of our $300,000 special project fund goal!  Any support from the community helps! Questions about this project? See our FAQs page at the link HERE.

To make it easier, we can take pledges that are not paid until the construction begins, enabling you to give more than you might otherwise or even pay your pledge over time, OR we can take cash or credit cards now. Any amount helps! You can donate or pledge at the link HERE.

Buy-A-Brick at the link HERE!

Donate at the $1,000 level for a 8″x4″ brick or at the $1,500 level for a 8″x8″ brick and you’ll have a brick engraved going up the walkway to the apartments so your name or message will be visible to all for years to come. You can also make a recurring donation to purchase a brick (ie. 10 or 15 monthly payments of $100).

Sno-Valley Affordable Senior Housing Flyer-Update

Sno-Valley Affordable Senior Apartments Architect Drawings

Sno-Valley Affordable Senior Apartment Schematics

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