Staff & Board of Directors

SVSC Staff

Executive Director: Kira Avery-
Admin/ Bookkeeper/ Hall Rentals: Mindie Ribail-
Program Coordinator: Carrie Harris-
Director Emeritus: Lisa Yeager-
Thrift Store Manager: Angie Hartung-
Social Worker: Kelly Fujiwara-
FESH Hub Coordinator: Val Stewart-
Senior Center Assistant: Kendra Mass-
Chef: Eve Chasengnou
Hyde Shuttle Drivers: Lorri Engbaum & Mik Little

SVSC Bylaws

2023 Board of Directors

President- Sara Lambert
Vice President- John Moore
Secretary- Allan Gilstrap
Treasurer- Don Wilhelm

Cecelia McCorkle
Glenda Surdam
Carole Teshima
Maureen Cleary
Nancy Gass
Vicki Perry
Rowland Brasch
Dan Drew

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes (currently meeting every other month, next meeting will be on Monday, March 6 at 5:30pm)

SVSC Articles of Incorporation

SVSC Affiliation Agreement