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March 2022 Directors Letter

Directors Letter– March 2022

I’m so excited to present to you our Gratitude Report for 2021. You will find it in this newsletter. It’s wonderful to see all that we accomplished together in a challenging year. We didn’t have in-person programs until August, yet we managed to reach more people than ever! We also created lots of new programming and increased our reach. Now we have programs and interpreters for Spanish speaking elders and we’ve started programs and partnerships for Rainbow (LGBTQ) elders. We really want our senior center to be a place where ALL seniors are empowered to lead enriched lives.

What really made the difference were our GEMs – those who Give Every Month. They gave us a solid base of support we could count on. One of our donors told me at the donor reception, “As someone who cares deeply that older adults live healthy lives, I now know that one person, one gift does have the power to make a difference.”  Jan and Don Smith have been donors for many years. I asked them why they give to SVSC and why every month. Jan said, “I like to support the Senior Center because only good things happen there. My monthly support provides good continuity.”

I want to invite you, our members, who enjoy all we offer to consider becoming a monthly donor. The good news is that even $5 or $10 a month can make a difference! Like small drops of water can become a mighty river, so many monthly donors provide the base we need to thrive and grow. You’ll see on our Gratitude report that over a third of our revenue comes from individual donors. You make a difference.

What are the benefits of becoming a monthly donor?

  • You provide the stable, predictable base of support we can count on.
  • You help us empower more older adults to lead enriched lives than before without ever writing another check.
  • You make us more efficient and innovative.
  • You get fewer asks and more updates on your impact.
  • It’s convenient with just one form to fill out once.

So consider becoming a GEM (Giver Every Month). Just go to our website and on the donate page, select monthly. Or mail in the envelope that is in the newsletter each month!  We’ll give you updates on the impact of your monthly gifts and a tax letter in January.

In the meantime, enjoy all the accomplishments presented in our 2021 Gratitude Report. Our success is your success with a healthy, enriched life.

I welcome your comments, questions and yes even complaints. You can contact me at 425-333-4152 or

Lisa Yeager

February 2022 Directors Letter

Directors Letter– February 2022

Well, I really thought that by now we would be pretty much done with Covid-19 but it’s not to be yet. To keep you all safe, we were given two air purifiers from King County. One is in the Main Hall and one is in the Great Room upstairs. We also have been donated lots of masks! So if you need a supply of disposable or cloth masks let us know. We can get you a box! We are requiring that people wear a mask when they are in the senior center. We are also required to request vaccination cards to participate in the senior center so everyone inside is vaccinated and at less risk of spreading the disease or getting it. Of course, the main thing is that if you don’t feel well, even a little bit sick as the Omicron variant is tricky, please DON’T come! Wait until you feel better.

I encourage you to get vaccinated and boosted. It will save your life and the shot is Free! If you need a ride, we can help. But if for various reasons you prefer not to be vaccinated, you can still get meals to go from our lunch program and there are many programs on zoom. If you need a tablet and mobile hotspot to get internet, let us know, we can help. If you already have a computer and internet but don’t know how to use it, we can help you there, too! As summer comes, we can hold more programs outdoors where vaccination is not required. But I really hope you will get vaccinated and protect yourself and your family. But please know that we love you and want to support you however you choose to live!

If you test positive with Covid-19 and you are vaccinated, we ask that you stay home for a minimum of five days from start of symptoms and/or from the date of your positive test. If you still don’t feel well after the five days, stay home another five for ten days of quarantine. And be sure to wear your mask whenever out of your house. If you get a positive test, then let Kira know at the senior center, so we can notify anyone in a program with you that they may have been exposed so they can take precautions or get tested. If you are not vaccinated, and test positive for Covid, please quarantine for fourteen days and call your doctor if you have trouble breathing or symptoms get worse. But either way, take care of yourself, rest and drink lots of fluids!

King county has lots of resources. You can find a lot of information at

If like me you are feeling a little discouraged and need someone to talk to, I recommend our social worker, Kelly Fujiwara. She is in Tues, Wed, Thurs and can be reached at 425-333-4152.  You can reach me at that number too or email

Take care! – Lisa  (PS: to see a recording of our Annual Member Meeting, go to

January 2022 Directors Letter

Directors Letter– January 2022

Aging Fears

What’s your worst fear about aging? Many People fear dementia and illness and nursing homes. Did you know only 4 % of Americans over age 65 live in nursing homes? Four percent!!! If you are over 85, the percent rises to 10%. That means 90% of our elderly are still living at least semi- independently at home. They might not be mowing their lawns still but they can take care of themselves. People get chronic illnesses but they learn to live with them. Most of us will live independently until we come down with whatever kills us.

My Dad is 83.  He just finished chemo and is in remission from cancer. He said “Your life does change as you get older, but you get into what’s important and what’s not.” So he celebrated life by traveling around the country to see grandchildren and great grandchildren in his RV. He told me it’s important to him that those great grands remember him. A legacy of love is what he wants to leave.

My dad is a rancher who still cuts and bales hay and helps birth calves. He is independent and feisty. He doesn’t fit any stereotypes about aging. But he does all the things scientist say we need to do to age well. He gets plenty of exercise and he socializes with his daily coffee group.

I was reading the book “Younger Next Year”. It is based on the science that shows how we can turn back our biological clocks by a combination of aerobics and strength fitness which is exactly what our Enhance Fitness classes offer Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  Did you know that exercise that can put off up to 70% of the typical decay associated with aging and eliminate 50% of the illnesses that afflict people as they get older? It’s the best gift you can give yourself.

The Sno-Valley Senior Center offers many options to stay healthy. You can try Chair Yoga which helps with strength, balance and flexibility. The Table Tennis group gets a good workout with lots of laughter and the hiking group has great comradery in the great outdoors. Consider making movement your new years resolution!

The Sno-Valley Seniors tell me that every decade gets better as you focus in on what is important and slow down and really enjoy life.  As we age we become even more our authentic selves. So go out there and be yourself!

Don’t forget that our Annual Member meeting is Wednesday, Jan. 12th at 12:30 pm during lunch. You can join on line (e-mail me for the link at ) or come join us in person for lunch and the meeting. This is a benefit of membership! So come meet the board of directors and give us feedback about what direction you’d like the senior center to take in the future.

As always let me know your comments, complaints and compliments. I’m here for you.

Lisa Yeager, or call 425-333-4152, ext. 1

December 2021 Directors Letter

Happy Holidays!  We are so glad you are part of our Sno-Valley Senior Center family!

Sno-Valley Senior Center is here to inspire and support seniors to lead healthy, enriched lives. As our members, you know all about the amazing programs we have and have tried many of them!

The holidays are coming and most of us don’t need more stuff. So give yourself and your friends the gifts of health and happiness with a gift certificate from the Sno-Valley Senior Center. Or better yet give a gift certificate to one of your friends and neighbors and introduce them to all of our great programs.

We will offer a few different gift certificates:

  • Enhance Fitness certificate is $36 for 12 classes! (Classes include aerobics, weights and stretching)
  • Reflexology certificate is $35 to enjoy a foot massage with pressure points to increase your health
  • Community Dining certificate is $50 for a punch card for 10 meals
  • Membership gift certificate is $60 for an individual and $75 for a household
  • Re-In-Carnation gift certificates are $10 and can be purchased in multiples.

The certificates can be purchased at the Senior Center front desk or on-line at The
recipient will need to bring in the certificate to the Senior Center to redeem it. This is an amazing way to support your health as well as support the Senior Center. So tell your family and Santa that it’s what you want for the

Membership has many benefits. The primary ones are that you get this newsletter delivered directly to your home, a free birthday lunch and you receive discounts on the programs and trips! But another benefit is the privilege to vote for the SVSC board. You will receive a ballot soon in the mail so please vote and return it to the Center, you’ll find short bios for each of the new candidates towards the back of the newsletter. Our annual members meeting will be Wednesday, Jan. 12 at 12:20 p.m. with updates for the future and a look back at the past year. The meeting will be in-person with an online zoom option. So mark your calendar now!

We have some amazing programs here. Please welcome our Spanish speaking elders coming on the 3rd Monday of the month. Join them for lunch or for the game Lotteria! Do you speak a little Spanish or want to practice, let us know as we’re looking for a couple of volunteer helpers.

You might see kids here occasionally as the Kinship group (Grandparents or relatives raising grandchildren) come for support and lunch last Thursday of the month. During the holidays, feel free to bring your grandkids to join you for lunch or fitness. We love to see them!

Speaking of the holidays, we’ll be giving our hard-working staff a vacation and will be closed from Dec. 22nd – Jan. 3rd.  We’ll look forward to new programming and extended hours in the new year! We’ll be hiring an evening staff person to be a building monitor and to assist with volunteer management early in 2022. If you’d like a part-time job or know of someone, tell them to e-mail me. It will start out three days a week from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm so we can offer some adult education and fitness classes for those still working or those who just prefer to get out in the evenings. So be looking for that!

Have a wonderful holiday and let us know if we can support you through them with counseling, food or transportation. We know the holidays are not always merry for everyone.  Our social worker and staff are here for you.  And I’m always available to hear your thoughts.

Lisa Yeager, or call 425-333-4152, ext. 1

November 2021 Directors Letter

Directors November Letter: Thank you so much to all those who attended our Hybrid Gala & Auction, Sno-Valley in the Emerald City. What a wonderful night! We are still waiting for the final numbers to share, but it looks like we’ll have raised over $40,000! A big part of the success were those who attended, those who donated items, and those who “raised their virtual auction paddle” to raise funds for us. Thank you!

We really appreciate the committee who helped plan this event: Mairi Brooks, Miranda Bartos, Roberta Epps, Val Stewart, Jill Butler, Tonya McGrew, Denise Crutchfield and Kira Avery. We also received lots of support from our Auctioneer Jay Fiske and Maestrosoft. Continue reading in the newsletter at the link: HERE.