Annie says “Thank You!”

You’ve provided her with transportation, a hot homemade meal, friendship and connections!

Annie, who enthusiastically serves as a greeter and tour guide for the Center, told me recently: The drivers are so kind and make every effort to come get you even in the snow! The Sno-Valley Senior Center is my second home. It keeps me alert and involved so I’m not sitting at home talking to myself! It’s a great place!

The older adult population is growing rapidly. Most people will stay in their own home with just a little help. Only 4% of Senior Citizens will go into a nursing home or assisted living. The Sno-Valley Senior Center is here for the 96% who will stay in their own home.

Together with you, we are able to provide transportation, meals, fitness, health offerings, comradery and fun. That’s what your donation buys – an enriched, healthy life.

I’m reading a book called “Younger Next Year” by Chris Crowley & Henry S. Lodge, MD. It’s a wonderful book that reinforces the fact that if you eat well, exercise and socialize you’ll be able to live strong, fit and sexy until you’re well beyond 80.

This book proves to me that the Senior Center helps people get healthier and happier and physiologically younger. You make that happen when you donate. Wow!

To make an even bigger difference, you can join our Monthly Givers Circle! These small but meaningful monthly gifts help us to be even more effective because we have revenue we can plan on!  Just $10/month becomes $120 and $25/month becomes $300 and so on!

By joining the Monthly Giver’s Circle you assure we can be a home away from home for older adults. You provide an inviting, non-judgmental environment to meet practical needs for free or low cost.  Won’t you join the Monthly Givers Circle today?

You’ll be part of a rocking, lively place for everyone who wants to be empowered to lead a healthy, enriched life. Like Carl.

Carl retired as a college professor of engineering and now he joins us for lunch daily and shares his skills and knowledge on the Board of Directors. Carl’s life has been enriched by the Sno-Valley Senior Center. Even more importantly his involvement has enriched our Center and the Community.

“I enjoy coming here daily. Such great people with wonderful stories,” Carl said. Carl is a monthly donor, a participant, and a volunteer.

If you choose to join the Monthly Giving Circle, you’ll receive the joy of knowing you are touching many lives locally.  You’ll also receive a seed paper heart that you can plant for a tangible reminder that you are a difference maker.

If you choose to give $83 per month, you become a member of the Grand Club, those who give $1,000 annually. We will add your engraved name to the Grand Club plaque so all can see you are leaving a legacy of caring. That might inspire others to join you!

With the Sno-Valley Senior Center, we can all lead healthy, enriched lives filled with friendships, fun and learning, just like Annie and Carl have found.

To make it easier for you, we’ve enclosed an envelope, but you can also visit our website at OR text SVdonate to 41444 and you will be sent a link to donate on your phone!

Thank you for being the power behind our work.

With deepest gratitude, Lisa Yeager, Director ;425-333-4152, ext 1

P.S. Don’t forget to join the Monthly Givers Circle! Even $20/month becomes $240 over the year. You’ll receive a seed paper heart in thanks!

P.S.S. To join the Grand Club of $1,000 per year, just give $83 per month! You’ll get your name engraved on a plaque and an invite to our annual donor dinner!