June 2022 Directors Letter

We’re going to have a party!   Exclusive Preview!

You’re invited to an event for the Sno-Valley Senior Center’s once-in-a-lifetime special project fund for the Sno-Valley Affordable Senior Apartments! 

Please come to the grassy area next to the parking lot at the Sno-Valley Senior Center on Wednesday, June 29 from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm.

  • Enjoy live music and appetizers.
  • See the architect drawings and the area for the Senior Housing.
  • Get all your questions answered.

This is your opportunity to learn and donate any amount in order to unlock more funds by our generous granters!  Our goal is only $300,000 because we’ve already raised $4 million in grants of the $6 million needed!!

You hold the key to opening the door to $2 million dollars more! Our final funder wants to know that all funds are in or pledged before giving the final amount so we need your special donation pledge by September 1st

To make it easier, we can take pledges that are not paid until the construction begins enabling you to give more than you might otherwise or even pay your pledge over time.  OR we can take cash or credit cards now. Any amount helps!

This is a special fund with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make Carnation a better community for low-income older adults forever!  This is a gift that will live on.  It’s a way to make a permanent impact on our community and for our seniors.

It’s also an opportunity for your name to live on!

At this party, we’ll have information about opportunities to buy a brick with your name engraved!  These bricks will go up the walkway to the apartments so your name or message will be visible to all for years to come. What an opportunity to make a permanent impact!

An engraved brick costs $1,000. You can put whatever message you like on it so be thinking about who you might like to honor or memorialize.  The brick can be paid for in ten $100 payments over time or all at once. At the event, we will unveil the size and the number of letters you can use on your special brick. You can order your brick at the event or on our website at https://snovalleysenior.org/ You also have the opportunity to pledge $10,000 for your name on a prominent plaque in the apartment lobby or $50,000 for the opportunity to name a room!

I can’t believe that we are so close to realizing our dream. I’ve been working on senior housing with the senior center since 2005.  Making this goal will allow us to break ground for 15 one-bedroom apartments right here in Carnation. No longer will our beloved seniors have to move out of the area to downsize a home or find an affordable place to live.

There’s more information on our website but if you have any questions about this – or anything – feel free to contact me at 425-333-4152 or Lisay@soundgenerations.org


– Lisa Yeager

May 2022 Directors Letter

Directors Letter– May 2022

A pivotal point for our membership was the 2018 Membership meeting.  Nearly all those in attendance rated “Senior Housing” as their top priority. We can be proud that our board of directors heard you and is responding!

Since then, the board commissioned a feasibility study (completed March of 2020.) The study showed that indeed, the need for Senior Housing is immense in our community!  In fact, there is no affordable senior housing in the Snoqualmie valley.

We know that, because of the lack of affordable senior housing, many of our beloved members were forced to move far away when their single-family homes became too expensive or too hard to maintain.

Sno-Valley Senior Center is dedicated to solving this seemingly insurmountable challenge.

One member’s story, among many that you know, stands out in my mind. Howard Miller was a friend of mine. He moved to Carnation when he was in his 20s and opened Miller’s Dry Goods. He bragged he knew the underwear size of everyone in town! He was so involved with youth sports that the playfield at Tolt Middle School was named after him. He was deeply embedded in this town. But as he reached his 90s, he found it increasingly difficult to maintain his home. He wanted to downsize to something more affordable but he couldn’t because nothing existed. He had to move away from the town he was so invested in and where he raised his family. Howard, a veteran, passed away far from the people and places he loved. I miss him – and so many others – who have been forced to move away due to the lack of affordable senior housing.

But there is good news!  We are well on our way to getting Sno-Valley Affordable Senior Apartments built! Please read the fact sheet in this newsletter with the details.

We have already procured $3.2 million of the $6 million we’ll need, with other awards to come soon. I know, with the community’s help, we will fund the 15-unit 3-story affordable senior apartments.

However, it’s evident that SVSC needs to contribute approximately $1 million as our portion of the full cost. But more good news!  When one of our members heard about our financial need and the grants coming in, they decided to pledge the sale of a home they own in Duvall to the senior center! It is valued at $700,000 so now we only have $300,000 to fully fund our affordable senior apartments.

But, we are on a deadline.

While we have a very good chance of getting that $2.3 million government grant – we must show that we have all other funds in place by September 1st. That’s where our membership comes in.

This is your opportunity to support this work. You hold the key to unlocking more funds.

This is a special one time fund – a once in a lifetime opportunity – to make Carnation a better community for low-income older adults forever! If you would like to make a donation to this fund today, send it in the envelope included in this newsletter, and indicate “senior housing” on the donation.

Much more information is to come! In the meantime, please ask any questions you have. Feel free to call me at 425-333-4152, ext 1 or e-mail me (lisay@soundgenerations.org)  or our board President, Sara Lambert at saradlambert@me.com

Thank you!


April 2022 Directors Letter

Directors Letter– April 2022

So much good stuff is happening! But first congratulations to our Hyde Shuttle driver Kerry Canady who is retiring to enjoy fishing and hunting and a beautiful new grandbaby. Kerry is a retired fireman who also taught many CPR classes for us before being hired. Kerry was always more than a driver. He truly cared about people and went out of his way to assist our seniors. He was a real friend to all. We’ll miss seeing him but are happy for this new stage of his life now that his hip surgery is out of the way! Stay tuned to find out who will be joining Lorri as the new Hyde Shuttle driver!

We welcome Kendra Mass, a Carnation local, as our new evening staff person and manager of volunteers. Kendra has worked in the health and fitness industry for 15 years and brings a depth of understanding about fitness and social programming and older adults. We are very excited to start offering some fitness and adult education classes in the evenings to the community. She’ll be here from about 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm several days a week. She’ll also be getting our volunteer files in order, interviewing new volunteers and providing orientation. So come say hi to Kendra sometime!

I’m also excited to report that we got a grant to provide technology support to older adults! That means we will have a contracted person available to assist you with any technology needs you have. This person can even come to your house and help you set up your computer or internet. We also have funds if you know of a person age 60+ who needs a computer tablet and/or a wifi hotspot – which provides you internet service in your home for free (at least for a year). That means if your doctor wants to do your medical visits on-line or if you want to communicate with family far away by video phone or e-mail, we’ll be able to help you! This person will also teach some classes so you can avoid computer viruses and other common problems plus more ways you can use your devise to make your life easier. We’ll have regular computer classes and times you can set up for trouble shooting your devise – whether it’s a phone, tablet, Kindle or computer. (If you know someone who loves people and loves technology, tell them to contact Kira at KiraA@soundgenerations.org about a part time job!)

I also really want to do more outreach to our members and our community. We’re too good to be a hidden gem in
Carnation! So, we’ll be offering a monthly member tea so people new to the Senior Center can meet some people and find out all we offer to enrich their lives. Would you like to be a member ambassador? I’m looking for people to come once a week or twice a month for a couple of hours to do short tours of the senior center for new people, call to check up on people we haven’t seen for a long time, send get well cards, and generally help new members find activities they’ll enjoy. If this sounds like sometime you’d enjoy, let Kira or Kendra know!  You can easily reach us at 425-333-4152 or e-mail svsc@soundgenerations.org

So glad whenever we get to see you!  Call or e-mail if you have questions, compliments or complaints –
LisaY@soundgenerations.org   425-333-4152, ext 1


March 2022 Directors Letter

Directors Letter– March 2022

I’m so excited to present to you our Gratitude Report for 2021. You will find it in this newsletter. It’s wonderful to see all that we accomplished together in a challenging year. We didn’t have in-person programs until August, yet we managed to reach more people than ever! We also created lots of new programming and increased our reach. Now we have programs and interpreters for Spanish speaking elders and we’ve started programs and partnerships for Rainbow (LGBTQ) elders. We really want our senior center to be a place where ALL seniors are empowered to lead enriched lives.

What really made the difference were our GEMs – those who Give Every Month. They gave us a solid base of support we could count on. One of our donors told me at the donor reception, “As someone who cares deeply that older adults live healthy lives, I now know that one person, one gift does have the power to make a difference.”  Jan and Don Smith have been donors for many years. I asked them why they give to SVSC and why every month. Jan said, “I like to support the Senior Center because only good things happen there. My monthly support provides good continuity.”

I want to invite you, our members, who enjoy all we offer to consider becoming a monthly donor. The good news is that even $5 or $10 a month can make a difference! Like small drops of water can become a mighty river, so many monthly donors provide the base we need to thrive and grow. You’ll see on our Gratitude report that over a third of our revenue comes from individual donors. You make a difference.

What are the benefits of becoming a monthly donor?

  • You provide the stable, predictable base of support we can count on.
  • You help us empower more older adults to lead enriched lives than before without ever writing another check.
  • You make us more efficient and innovative.
  • You get fewer asks and more updates on your impact.
  • It’s convenient with just one form to fill out once.

So consider becoming a GEM (Giver Every Month). Just go to our website www.snovalleysenior.org and on the donate page, select monthly. Or mail in the envelope that is in the newsletter each month!  We’ll give you updates on the impact of your monthly gifts and a tax letter in January.

In the meantime, enjoy all the accomplishments presented in our 2021 Gratitude Report. Our success is your success with a healthy, enriched life.

I welcome your comments, questions and yes even complaints. You can contact me at 425-333-4152 or

Lisa Yeager

February 2022 Directors Letter

Directors Letter– February 2022

Well, I really thought that by now we would be pretty much done with Covid-19 but it’s not to be yet. To keep you all safe, we were given two air purifiers from King County. One is in the Main Hall and one is in the Great Room upstairs. We also have been donated lots of masks! So if you need a supply of disposable or cloth masks let us know. We can get you a box! We are requiring that people wear a mask when they are in the senior center. We are also required to request vaccination cards to participate in the senior center so everyone inside is vaccinated and at less risk of spreading the disease or getting it. Of course, the main thing is that if you don’t feel well, even a little bit sick as the Omicron variant is tricky, please DON’T come! Wait until you feel better.

I encourage you to get vaccinated and boosted. It will save your life and the shot is Free! If you need a ride, we can help. But if for various reasons you prefer not to be vaccinated, you can still get meals to go from our lunch program and there are many programs on zoom. If you need a tablet and mobile hotspot to get internet, let us know, we can help. If you already have a computer and internet but don’t know how to use it, we can help you there, too! As summer comes, we can hold more programs outdoors where vaccination is not required. But I really hope you will get vaccinated and protect yourself and your family. But please know that we love you and want to support you however you choose to live!

If you test positive with Covid-19 and you are vaccinated, we ask that you stay home for a minimum of five days from start of symptoms and/or from the date of your positive test. If you still don’t feel well after the five days, stay home another five for ten days of quarantine. And be sure to wear your mask whenever out of your house. If you get a positive test, then let Kira know at the senior center, so we can notify anyone in a program with you that they may have been exposed so they can take precautions or get tested. If you are not vaccinated, and test positive for Covid, please quarantine for fourteen days and call your doctor if you have trouble breathing or symptoms get worse. But either way, take care of yourself, rest and drink lots of fluids!

King county has lots of resources. You can find a lot of information at https://kingcounty.gov/depts/health/covid-19.aspx

If like me you are feeling a little discouraged and need someone to talk to, I recommend our social worker, Kelly Fujiwara. She is in Tues, Wed, Thurs and can be reached at 425-333-4152.  You can reach me at that number too or email Lisay@soundgenerations.org

Take care! – Lisa  (PS: to see a recording of our Annual Member Meeting, go to https://snovalleysenior.org/about)