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November 2021 Directors Letter

Directors November Letter: Thank you so much to all those who attended our Hybrid Gala & Auction, Sno-Valley in the Emerald City. What a wonderful night! We are still waiting for the final numbers to share, but it looks like we’ll have raised over $40,000! A big part of the success were those who attended, those who donated items, and those who “raised their virtual auction paddle” to raise funds for us. Thank you!

We really appreciate the committee who helped plan this event: Mairi Brooks, Miranda Bartos, Roberta Epps, Val Stewart, Jill Butler, Tonya McGrew, Denise Crutchfield and Kira Avery. We also received lots of support from our Auctioneer Jay Fiske and Maestrosoft. Continue reading in the newsletter at the link: HERE.

October 2021 Directors Letter

Directors Letter – October 2021

It’s so nice to see some of you in person again at lunch and other programs. Chef Jennifer is sad though because our meal numbers have gone down so much and she loves cooking for you! I hope you will come in and enjoy our wonderful made from scratch meals. Yes, you can still pick up a meal to take home, but eating together is not just a meal. It’s an opportunity to socialize and make new friends! Eating together provides a sense of community and belonging.

Not everyone has the ability to make a good nutritious meal (like me as I’m a terrible cook) nor
transportation to get food. The Sno-Valley Senior Center can provide transportation to the senior center for meals, fitness and socialization. This is especially important in our rural area for those who live alone. The Hyde Shuttle can also take you to the grocery store, beauty parlor, or doctor, etc! It’s easy to reserve a ride with just a quick phone call to 206-727-6262, ext. 1.

Did you know that coming to the Senior Center and socializing staves off depression and loneliness which decreases stress, and increases brain function! It keeps us active and involved both physically and mentally.

Chef Jennifer takes dietary needs into account. All our meals offer complex carbohydrates, nutrient packed vegetables (from local farms!) and healthy proteins plus a really good homemade dessert! Just call the day before to 425-333-4152 to reserve your meal. Still undecided? In surveys people said they come for community dining because the meals are delicious and enjoyable (82%). People enjoyed the socializing (95%) and because it was affordable (57%).

The meal is donation-based with a suggested $5 donation. SNAP and EBT allotments can be used for community dining. All are served regardless of ability to pay so come visit us and bring a friend! We need connection, friendship and support now more than ever!

By the way, another fun time to socialize is upcoming at our annual auction on Saturday, Oct. 16! It’s hybrid which means you can come in person OR you can watch it live on your computer.  (We can show you how.) It’s going to be so fun. Our theme is the Wizard of Oz – Sno-Valley in the Emerald City. If you come in person, it is $60 and you get heavy appetizers and access to a special raffle just for you. If you watch online, it is free! Both kinds of attendees will bid by phone and you can bid the whole week leading up to the event.

We have some awesome things to bid on!  Have you ever wanted to take a helicopter ride at sunset over Puget Sound? How about stay overnight in a treehouse? We also have axe throwing (not at your friends but at a target!) There are cruises, a Mexico resort stay, and much more!  If you host a watch party at your house for at least 6 people, we’ll give you a party kit with wine and snacks for free! It’s a fun way to support the senior center. More info on our website at or if you need to know how to watch from the comfort of your home, Kira made a how to video or you can just come to the Center and we’ll show you how.  I really hope you will try to attend virtually or in-person.

As always, if you have any questions, complaints or compliments, feel free to contact me at 425-333-4152 or email   See you around!

Lisa Yeager, Director

September 2021 Directors Letter

Directors Letter – September 2021

Reflect and look forward

Well, we are over halfway through the year now! So far, we have more revenue than expenses so it is good to be in the black!  We are so grateful for our faithful donors who keep us going!  The thrift store is ramping up and the revenue steadily increasing.  New people discovered us during the pandemic when they tried our fantastic take-out meals so we are serving more people than before!  This is all great news as we celebrate 46 years!

For 46 years, the Sno-Valley Senior Center has been crucial to our community. We serve a vital role in increasing health and well-being in the Snoqualmie Valley.  I’m so glad to have you all back in person for fitness, adult education and meals!

As I reflect on the past year, I note that:

  • We have served over 10,000 meals just from January through July!
  • We provided programs to 957 people this past year
  • We assisted over 400 seniors to get vaccinations for Covid 19
  • We gave 520 hours this year of support and encouragement through our social worker
  • We helped each other overcome social isolation

All that is pretty impressive in a strange and challenging year. As I look forward, I am excited about:

  • Progress to provide low-income senior housing in the next few years.
  • Expansion of our programs and services as we add evening hours and programs in 2022.
  • Addition of some innovative and impactful programs like SAGE, a mobile medical group.
  • Outreach to Spanish speaking elders through SeaMar starting this fall.
  • Involvement of LGBTQ elders through programs and an upcoming advisory group.

All of this with the goal that you are inspired, supported and empowered to lead healthy, enriched lives.

Some changes upcoming:

  • Angie Hartung is leaving us as the Thrift Store Manager but she is staying on as a volunteer! If you know of anyone with great retail experience who is also good working with volunteers and marketing, tell them about this opportunity. It is 25 hours per week with a great salary and benefits.
  • Kira Avery is Assistant Director now plus continuing as our Program Coordinator. People keep asking me if I am leaving but nope! You have me for a few more years. I am working from home two days a week and in the senior center for two days a week. I’ll usually be at the Senior Center on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  • We welcome Denise Crutchfield who will sub for chef Jennifer when she is gone on vacations! Denise is a long-time volunteer who has helped on the Plant Sale Committee as the chair of First Picks Party and as our bartender at Rainbow Bingo.  She’s a great cook!

If you ever have questions about anything happening at the senior center, feel free to ask me. You can reach me at 425-333-4152 or

Lisa Yeager, Director

Meal Delivery & Community Dining Update

Community Dining Update: On Monday, August 2 we will be re-opening for in-person dining and we are so excited to see you! We know that meal delivery has been an important service during COVID and below you’ll find information about how we are trying to ease the transition from delivery / pick-up to in-person dining. If you have questions, please call 425-333-4152.

  • We ask that you continue to call in your orders ahead by at least a day, at 425-333-4152, to make the lunch preparation easier on our Chef and volunteers as well as limit the amount of waste created by not knowing how many meals to expect. If you do not reserve a meal ahead of time, we may run out of meals to serve.
  • Lunches to-go will be available to pre-order as well, but they cannot be picked-up until everyone in the dining hall has been served (around 12:45pm).
  • For the month of August, Hyde Shuttle can continue to deliver lunches to seniors who have difficulty leaving their homes.
    • HOWEVER, riders to and from the center will take priority and the meals will not be delivered until after lunch guests have been brought home, which may between 1:30pm-2pm or later.
    • If you need help being set-up with Meals on Wheels, we can help you with that, please call 425-333-4152.
    • If there is someone who can come pick-up your meals at 12:45pm we can get you set-up with that, please call 425-333-4152.

We want to see you! The Hyde Shuttle can also bring you in for Yoga classes, Brain Fitness, appointments and more. You can schedule a ride by calling 425-333-4009 and telling them “I would like a ride to the Sno-Valley Senior Center on Monday, August 16 to arrive by 10:30am for Yoga.” Rides can be scheduled up to 30 days in advance so get your rides scheduled early!

Masks are required on Hyde Shuttle busses due to the Transportation Security Administration mask mandate onboard busses, until September 13.

August 2021 Directors Letter

Directors Letter – August 2021

My heart nearly stopped when my sister called me to let me know that our mom was in the hospital in early March. She was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer in January but we thought we had more time. I planned to go home to South Dakota in April to celebrate her 83rd birthday and Easter. We were both looking forward to it. But March 1, she fell and hit her head hard causing a bleed. The doctor thought she would go quickly so I was on a plane home within hours.

My mom, Dee Storjohann, was my friend. She was the kindest, most compassionate and generous person I know. I thought a lot about her unconditional love as I sat by her bed with my sisters over the week long vigil.

My mom had done lots of pre-planning. She assigned power of attorney to my sister who lives nearby. She also made a clear end of life plan so we knew exactly what to tell the doctors what not to do to extend her life.
Everything was planned. So the week after her death, as my sisters and I grieved and planned the funeral it was so much easier than it could have been. She took care of us to the end.

My mom was a very involved volunteer with her church, blood bank, and hospital gift shop. She also delivered Meals on Wheels every Wednesday until about a year ago. So, we were not surprised that she made a bequest in her will to Meals on Wheels. She wanted that legacy of care to continue. She wasn’t rich financially and it wasn’t a huge bequest (only a thousand dollars) but what a difference it made to a small senior center in supporting that program.  She was able to make gifts through her will AND take care of her three daughters.

I have been involved with the Sno-Valley Senior Center (SVSC) as an employee or volunteer since 2001. A long time ago, I made SVSC the beneficiary of a small life insurance policy I hold. So there are many things you can do to leave a legacy to be remembered by.

Now, we are going to make things easier to you. We are offering an Estate Planning Day on Tuesday, August 17th. We’ll start with a presentation from 9:30 – 10:30 am. Followed by individual 45 minute appointments from 10:45 – 4:30 pm with the option to spill over into the next day with appointments if needed. This is an opportunity for you to have a free consultation with Elder Law Attorney, Jerry Sprute. Call 425-333-4152 to line up your free appointment and be sure to attend the live presentation at the senior center or you can view it on zoom if you can’t make it in person.

By the way, if you choose to name SVSC in your will or life insurance, you have the option to let us know. We would like to sign you up for the Legacy Society. Let us know if, like my mom, you have a special program or area of focus you’d like us to be aware of.

My mom was a lovely person and I want to be just like her. So I’ll get my affairs in order this month too, because life is unexpected and I want to leave my fingerprints on the world!

Feel free to contact me at or at 425-333-4152, ext. 1 if you have questions or

Yours in gratitude,

Lisa Yeager, Director