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May 2020 Director’s Letter

Directors Letter– May 2020

Covid-19 has ushered in lots of changes and created much uncertainty. Anything that brings stability and continuity is welcome these days. With this in mind, so I have decided to stay on as center director at the Sno Valley Senior Center. The center has lots of opportunities ahead to expand its reach into the community through the Veterans Seniors and Human Services Levy funding it received. We have so much more we can offer our community. I’m glad to be part of it.

So, how have you been handling all this enforced isolation? My mom is in South Dakota and is a busy community volunteer. This enforced isolation is hard for her. She has cancer that is in remission but she’s doing alright at the moment.

My mom was sick this past fall with bad vertigo so I went home to visit her. I went to help but she didn’t see it as help. She saw it as interference. So even Senior Center Directors have a lot to learn! I wanted to set her up with transportation, help with housework and meals. I wanted her life to be easier and for her to be safe. But she didn’t want help! I should have known better.

You can’t force help on your parents or friends or anyone! The best way is to tread lightly.  “Help” only helps if the person being “helped” thinks it helps. So I learned to start by finding out if there is anything she thinks she might want some assistance with. By the time, I left my mom’s home, we had a friend to help take her to the doctor since she temporarily couldn’t drive. And a niece was lined up to come once a week to help clean because she really needed the income and my mom agreed to a little help. It was a win win.  It’s hard to accept help but it feels good to give people the opportunity to feel helpful. Sometimes in life, you give help and sometimes you have to accept help.

I want you to know that we are here for you. We won’t force help on you. You get the choice and freedom to choose when and how you engage. There are lots of resources available. All you have to do is ask. Kelly Fujiwara, our social worker, has her door open and her phone ready to provide you support and resources. Just call the Senior Center at 425-333-4152.

Please come say hi when the doors re-open. We can’t wait to see you all again!

Lisa Yeager,

Support Thank You Letter

April 6, 2020

I’m amazed, stressed, inspired, sad, grateful, overwhelmed, and joyful! Maybe you are full of conflicting emotions right now too. It is such an unprecedented time. But most of all I am grateful for you. Because you showed our older adults that our community cares. You made a difference. And here is how.

Thanks to you in March, we were able to provide:

  • Nearly 1,000 hot made from scratch meals which were picked up or delivered to local seniors.  We’re on track to increase that number by quite a bit in April!
  • Hundreds of check-in and reassurance calls to participants weekly.
  • The Sno-Valley Senior Center Activity Group, a Facebook page with puzzles, jokes, information and resources.
  • Encouragement, puzzles and information with each lunch
  • Free grocery and medication pick-up and delivery.
  • Phone counseling with information and assistance provided.

That’s the kind of difference you make. Thanks to you everyday a lonely senior receives the gift of food and friendship. You make sure people know they are not alone.

I hope you are managing well and are healthy. We are here for you too. So if you need anything, please give us a call – 425-333-4152. We’re here Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

All the best,

Lisa Yeager, Director

April Director’s Letter

Directors Letter– April 2020

I love the Sno-Valley Senior Center. But I want you all to know that I have decided to take another position as the Senior Center Supervisor of the Issaquah Senior Center starting May 1, 2020! I’m very excited about this new opportunity but also sad to leave you all. I have some deep friendships here and feel very proud of the Sno-Valley Senior Center.

The good news is that the Issaquah Senior Center is a levy hub partner with Sno-Valley so we will be doing some joint programming together. I’ll have lots of opportunities to visit and remain part of SVSC’s exciting future.

March has been a difficult month without question and April looks equally challenging. But I am proud of how
volunteers and staff have really stepped up to handle all the changes with the Coronavirus. We have disinfected and will keep disinfecting all surfaces in all the rooms and have been making calls to see how all of you are doing.  Maryann Coward really stepped up to make some amazing meals for us. All staff helped to get meals packed and delivered or ready for pick up. This is a really great team here!  (But we miss seeing all of you all very much!)

In March and April we had to cancel our Rainbow Bingo and our Dinner and Dessert Auction.  We are also
postponing our annual plant sale to the Fall. BUT! We will have flower baskets available to those who pre-ordered, so please order! It’s a fantastic way to get some color and cheer in your home and yard while also supporting the Sno-Valley Senior Center!  These are lovely cedar baskets full of blooms so order now, then from April 30 – May 2 you can drive by the Center to pick up or they can be delivered in the Snoqualmie Valley (for a $10 fee).

With events cancelled, we are more dependent than ever on donations, but the community is stepping up. King 5 did a segment on Sno-Valley Senior Center showing Lorri Engbaum delivering meals to Eileen Rollins and Sue
Bulcholsky. It was wonderful and you can find the link to the video on our website home page!

We also received a grant from the Seattle Foundation to help us through the changes in revenue due to the virus. Thanks to the advocacy of the Duvall and Carnation City Council (especially Amy Ockerlander, Jim Ribail and Kim Lisk) we were awarded $25,000! I also have grant requests into Snoqualmie Tribe and King County Parks.

I want to keep all staff employed during the COVID-19 outbreak, so we need your help to remain financially solid.  We want to hit the ground running when restrictions are lifted. If you can donate even a little, it all adds up to a lot! We especially need recurring monthly donations so we have revenue we can depend on.

Most of all, I want you to know we are here for you. Kira has been putting puzzles and information into lunch pick up bags and started a Facebook page with lots of ideas of how to handle this “Stay Home. Stay Safe” time period.  The Facebook page has jokes and videos and is a lot of fun. If you ever need to talk to someone, we are here. A staff person is answering the phones from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. If you wish to order one of our delicious made-from-scratch meals, just call 425-333-4152 to reserve a meal, please call the day

Take care and stay well!  If you wish to stay in touch with me after I leave Sno-Valley, my personal e-mail is 

I’m always happy to chat with you if you have questions, concerns or praise. You can email or call 425-333-4152, ext. 1
Lisa Yeager

March 2020 Director’s Letter

I am so proud of our senior center. As I look back on 2019, I see growth in programs and
activities. This year we added painting classes, soap making, Bunco, a singing group, and Walk with Ease. These new classes come about because someone says “I have this skill that I am willing to share.” We are so blessed to have a community that cares and steps up to provide services, classes and programs. We have a long list of community partners that provide
services to all of us for very low cost. Thank your instructor/leader next time you are in! And if you would like to volunteer to teach sometime, let Kira know. We are always open to new ideas and programs!

I am also proud that those who know us best donate most generously. Our staff donate to the Center and
attend events plus our board has 100% participation in donating generously. We have monthly donors who keep us running in the black with their on-going commitment. Plus, we have over 300 volunteers who keep us running smoothly! It takes a village to run a senior center!

In 2019, we got to recognize volunteers Sam Charles and Sara Lambert who go above and beyond helping in many areas. Our staff also received some recognition.  Kira Avery, our Program Coordinator, won the “Rising Star” award for best staff person among Washington State Senior Centers! Wow! We always knew we had the best. Angie Hartung, our Thrift Store manager, won the Spirit of Excellence Award from Sound Generations! It was well deserved as Angie oversaw the transition of the thrift store from the little house into the Senior
Center where it is thriving under her able leadership.

In 2019, we received several grants to help us make our programs more affordable. The Shape-Up grant enables us to offer a fitness class for free to a first time attendee! Take advantage of that and try a new class! We got a grant from Emergency Medical Services for a Falls Prevention event. King County Parks
Department provided funds to pay fitness instructors so class costs can be kept low. 4Culture provided a grant to provide art classes in partnership with the Northwest Arts Center and instructor Howard Frank. We also got a King County Community Service Area Grant for a Children’s art section at the plant sale and for educational workshops on gardening. Plus the Snoqualmie Tribe and PSE donated so we could purchase an emergency generator!

These grants and generous donors made a difference. However, 2019 ended the year with a small deficit of $27,287.73. The deficit was caused by changes in bingo regulations that reduced our revenue from that
fundraiser and by additional costs for electrical work for our generator. We strive very hard to be fiscally
responsible with the funds you donate. We don’t waste a penny as our goal is to serve as many people as
possible. If you ever have questions about our budget or wish to see our financials, contact Lisa Yeager.

As we enter 2020, we look forward to our partnership in joint programming with Issaquah Senior Center and the Mt. Si Senior Center. This hub partnership will enable us to reach people who have not yet entered the
senior center and who face barriers in attending. Look for lots of new, exciting programs that will help us age well.  Also we will have more social work hours so that means more assistance with finding the information and referrals you need plus more counseling hours. Look for the Aging with Mastery Program and Enhance Wellness for dealing with chronic conditions. Good things ahead! Let me know your thoughts and ideas. We’re here for you! Lisa Yeager

I’m always happy to chat with you if you have questions, concerns or praise. You can pop up to my office or e-mail or call 425-333-4152, ext. 1

Lisa Yeager

February 2020 Director’s Letter

Big News! There’s a special this month on Membership dues! Renew your membership NOW and get a $5 gift certificate to use at Re-In-Carnation Thrift Store! This is how it works. Buy a membership and get a $5 gift certificate to Re-In-Carnation mailed to you. The certificate must be used in one visit and cannot be redeemed for cash. The certificate will be mailed to you (new and renewal) with your postcard acknowledgement. (It will NOT be given out at the reception desk at time of payment). You can renew now even if your annual membership is not expired yet. For example, if a person renews a membership that does not expire until April – their new membership will go until April of 2021. This certificate can only be used in one visit, so if you don’t spend the full $5, there is no cash or credit given, but what a fun way to have mad money to spend! There are so many wonderful items to choose from!

Consider buying a friend a membership or buying a membership for someone who can’t afford one. Membership is only $60 for one person or $75 for the household. There’s a membership form in this newsletter!
There is also 10% off on a Lifetime Membership. Pay once then never again. You get your name engraved on a plaque outside the Great Room and an invite to our annual donor dinner that year. What a great way to make a mark on the Senior Center and leave a legacy. A lifetime membership for one person is currently $500, so in February you can get it for $450. A lifetime membership for a couple is $750!

Why become a member? Enjoy these great benefits!
– It’s a powerful way to show your support and your commitment that the programs we offer should continue and that what we do is valued by you.
– Get access to over 40 programs and activities each week at a discounted price!
– Enjoy a free lunch at our monthly birthday lunch on the month of your birthday.
– Get voting privileges on the board slate and bylaws changes.
– A subscription to the monthly newsletter filled with articles and activities delivered directly to your door. You’ll always know what is going on!
– Enjoy deep discounts on trips.
– Have your emergency contact information on file so we can help in case of an emergency.
– Have people who care about you and will contact and support you in trouble.
– Access to a social worker at no charge to provide information and support and a friendly visitor.
– Discounts to very low cost health programs (like Bastyr, Dental clinic, footcare, Anti-coagulation clinic) saving visits to the doctor’s office and money too!
– Discounts to our very low cost fitness programs (like Enhance Fitness, Yoga, Zumba, Tai Chi)
– Opportunity to serve on the board and assist the Center in implementing its strategic plan.
– Friendship, hot lunch, transportation, and fun!

Members are in the know about what is happening and are involved in their community. You don’t have to be a member to participate in classes or activities but members get privileges like those listed above. If you want to become a member but can’t afford the fee, we have scholarships available! Just ask Lisa.

I’m always happy to chat with you if you have questions, concerns or praise. You can pop up to my office or e-mail or call 425-333-4152, ext. 1 – Lisa Yeager