December 2020 Directors Letter

You get this newsletter because you are a member. You are a member because you care about the senior center.  As a member you get a voice and a vote, so look for a ballot for our board of directors in the mail in December.  You also get a voice in our bylaws. The board has been working hard on
updating our bylaws.

On Wednesday, January 13, 2021, at 1:30 p.m. we will have our annual meeting virtually by zoom. But you can always call in to participate.  More information about bylaw changes will be coming to you but it will be explained more fully at the meeting.  We’ll e-mail out the zoom link, but you can also call in at 253 215 8782. The Meeting ID: 425 333 4152 and Passcode: 1234 (mute yourself with *6).  There are no substantial changes to member’s rights or privileges but more clarification of board committees and meeting frequency.

It’s no secret that this has been a challenging time.  The Senior Center suddenly lost revenue from most of our
fundraisers, programs, facility rentals and the thrift store.  We lost over half of our revenue.  But we were able to get $110,00 in grants!  Grants came from Safeway, Fred Meyer and Albertsons. Also the Seattle Foundation and 4 Culture. We got a PPP loan to help with staff salaries and we got Cares Act money through King County, plus the cities of Duvall and Carnation.  I’m so grateful.

But we are especially dependent on our individual donors like you.  Donors have given $88,000 so far! That’s a
record!  But I need another $20,000 to get us to the end of the year. You got a letter in November inviting you to give, so if you are able I hope you will. But whether you give or not, we are here for you ALWAYS!  You are the
reason we exist. Our joy is to inspire, support and empower you (and ourselves) to lead healthy, enriched lives.  We’re a team getting through life together.

Several people have told me they’d like to sponsor a lunch. And that’s awesome! But I want you to know how it works.  We receive $3.50 for each person who signs in and gets lunch from a federal program through Aging and
Disability Services. That money pays for the food.  The $5.00 donation that you give goes to Sound Generations to pay for Chef Jennifer’s salary, federal reporting and a nutritionist.

When we say a lunch was sponsored by someone, it means they helped pay for some of the food costs.  Now we average over 60 meals a day. So that is one route to support the senior center and I love it!

But sometimes a person wants to buy lunch for everyone, so we tell them how many people we are expecting times $5 so it’s a free lunch for all!

So if you wish to make a designated sponsorship toward our meal program then it’s $100 to sponsor the food, OR $350 to buy lunch for everyone OR $750 to buy lunch for everyone for a birthday lunch.

But remember lunch is a donation so if anyone ever feels like they can’t afford it, we can cover that cost through some scholarships that donors have purchased.   So anyone can get a free meal anytime! No questions asked.

Meals cards are an awesome way to directly support a senior in need or it’s a great Christmas gift! Meal cards are $50 for 10 lunches.  Since we can’t go out to eat right now, that would be an awesome holiday gift for a friend.  Memberships are also a great gift for a friend.  So these are great ways to make a difference, give a lovely gift and support the Senior Center.

Thank you for being part of this wonderful place.

Lisa Yeager, 425-333-4152,