January 2022 Directors Letter

Directors Letter– January 2022

Aging Fears

What’s your worst fear about aging? Many People fear dementia and illness and nursing homes. Did you know only 4 % of Americans over age 65 live in nursing homes? Four percent!!! If you are over 85, the percent rises to 10%. That means 90% of our elderly are still living at least semi- independently at home. They might not be mowing their lawns still but they can take care of themselves. People get chronic illnesses but they learn to live with them. Most of us will live independently until we come down with whatever kills us.

My Dad is 83.  He just finished chemo and is in remission from cancer. He said “Your life does change as you get older, but you get into what’s important and what’s not.” So he celebrated life by traveling around the country to see grandchildren and great grandchildren in his RV. He told me it’s important to him that those great grands remember him. A legacy of love is what he wants to leave.

My dad is a rancher who still cuts and bales hay and helps birth calves. He is independent and feisty. He doesn’t fit any stereotypes about aging. But he does all the things scientist say we need to do to age well. He gets plenty of exercise and he socializes with his daily coffee group.

I was reading the book “Younger Next Year”. It is based on the science that shows how we can turn back our biological clocks by a combination of aerobics and strength fitness which is exactly what our Enhance Fitness classes offer Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  Did you know that exercise that can put off up to 70% of the typical decay associated with aging and eliminate 50% of the illnesses that afflict people as they get older? It’s the best gift you can give yourself.

The Sno-Valley Senior Center offers many options to stay healthy. You can try Chair Yoga which helps with strength, balance and flexibility. The Table Tennis group gets a good workout with lots of laughter and the hiking group has great comradery in the great outdoors. Consider making movement your new years resolution!

The Sno-Valley Seniors tell me that every decade gets better as you focus in on what is important and slow down and really enjoy life.  As we age we become even more our authentic selves. So go out there and be yourself!

Don’t forget that our Annual Member meeting is Wednesday, Jan. 12th at 12:30 pm during lunch. You can join on line (e-mail me for the link at Lisay@soundgenerations.org ) or come join us in person for lunch and the meeting. This is a benefit of membership! So come meet the board of directors and give us feedback about what direction you’d like the senior center to take in the future.

As always let me know your comments, complaints and compliments. I’m here for you.

Lisa Yeager, Lisay@soundgenerations.org or call 425-333-4152, ext. 1