July 2021 Directors Letter

Directors Letter – July 2021

I want to tell you the story of two amazing volunteers.  Both have long service at the Sno-Valley Senior Center and both are just amazing inspiring women who have had an impact on their community. Diane Amos was nominated for the 2021 Inspire Positive Aging and it was well deserved!

“Diane is the smiling face every member of the Sno-Valley Senior Center can count on when signing up for something new. She is well known in the community and serves as the cheerleader to not only spread the word about upcoming activities but to get people motivated and excited to be more involved. An active part of the pre-pandemic hiking group, she frequently offered to drive peers that did not have access to transportation to weekly events and is a cornerstone volunteer for Sno-Valley fundraisers and events.

Now, she spends her time as a pen pal, writing to students and fellow seniors alike to keep community connections going during this difficult time. Diane understands people’s needs and is always on the phone to catch up or check-in. Letters are a way for her to accommodate communication with those not technologically savvy. She’s a great storyteller and a great listener. Whether the audience is a small child or a peer, when you meet Diane, age is never considered. Everyone responds to her warmth and joy rather than age.”

Delores Ulrich was nominated for the 2017 Inspire Positive Aging award and continues to be a model of positive aging. “Delores has coordinated our famous July 4 Strawberry Shortcake for over 20 years. She bakes the shortcake from scratch and oversees a kitchen full of helpers and serves over 600 people in a few hours. (Until recently, she also cooked our July 3 spaghetti dinner as well.) She’ll be back again this year with her family to serve up the best shortcake you’ve ever had!

But that’s not all. She baked wonderful goodies every Monday pre-pandemic. She taught ceramics classes, bringing paints and firing them in her kiln and was a long time kitchen volunteer. Delores has many skills and is indefatigable. She is in her 80s but you would guess 60s from her energy and cheer. Not even a stroke several years ago stopped her. She is amazing.”

Many volunteers make the Sno-Valley Senior Center run smoothly.  These two women truly exemplify a new way to age well by giving back.  They join our 300 + other amazing volunteers.  We’ve missed everyone so much during the pandemic but now reception, thrift store and kitchen volunteers are returning.  So if you wish to make a powerful use of your time, let us know.  We also need minor home repair volunteers, volunteer drivers to take people to appointments, board members, and Meals on Wheels helpers.  If you have a game or hobby you love, come share it and start a new program.

By the way, we want to send our heartfelt sympathy to long time volunteer Patty Atkins, whose husband Gary passed away of a sudden heart attack recently.  They assisted with Steak Dinner for many years.

We re-open completely in August and really look forward to seeing you.  Please stop in!  If you have questions, concerns or even praise, feel free to contact me at Lisay@soundgenerations.org or call 425-333-4152.