July 2023 Directors Letter

First, I want to say Thank You to Angie for her hard work as the Thrift Store Manager in the last 5 years. Angie became the Re-in-Carnation Thrift Store manager in July of 2018 and had been a Thrift Store volunteer since 2015 before that. When the small white house couldn’t be used as a location for the Thrift Store, she worked on creating the most available space in the program rooms downstairs. During COVID-19, while the Thrift Store was closed, she worked in the kitchen helping to serve meals.

As we came out of COVID-19, Angie was very flexible in the store hours in order to bring in the most customers while also keeping our participants safe. Currently the Thrift Store is on track to have one of its most successful years ever, and that is due in large part to Angie’s creativity, when looking at the new dollar section, the increase in social media presence, and new sales.

We are sad to be losing Angie as the Re-in-Carnation Thrift Store manager, but are excited to see where life takes her (in her new travel trailer). We are excited to welcome Colleen James as our new Thrift Store Manager, who will be starting with us, the first week of July.

You may have noticed a new bench and planters in front of our generator. Those were built and installed by Spencer Pitt, for his Eagle Scout project! I look forward to seeing them used as we get out of the “Juneuary” we have been experiencing.

There will be a lot of construction happening around the senior center this summer. We are having our entrance ramps re-done, starting with the east ramps (flag pole side) on Monday, July 17 and then they will work on the west ramps.

Construction is also set to start on the Affordable Senior Apartments at the end of July. This means that our parking lot will no longer be available. The construction team has been instructed to start by creating pull-in parking along Stephens Avenue in order to offset some of the loss in parking numbers.

This construction is scheduled to last about 1 year, and we know that it will impact those coming into the senior center and Re-in-Carnation Thrift Store. We will provide more information as we have it about what changes will be happening and when.

If you have questions about the Affordable Senior Housing project, please call or email me, at 425-333-4152 ext. 1 or kiraa@soundgenerations.org. As we get closer to finishing construction, we’ll be able to share out information about how to apply for an apartment, which we currently do not have.

You can also call or email me if you have any comments, concerns or questions about the Sno-Valley Senior Center.

Happy Summer!

Kira Avery, Executive Director