March 2022 Directors Letter

Directors Letter– March 2022

I’m so excited to present to you our Gratitude Report for 2021. You will find it in this newsletter. It’s wonderful to see all that we accomplished together in a challenging year. We didn’t have in-person programs until August, yet we managed to reach more people than ever! We also created lots of new programming and increased our reach. Now we have programs and interpreters for Spanish speaking elders and we’ve started programs and partnerships for Rainbow (LGBTQ) elders. We really want our senior center to be a place where ALL seniors are empowered to lead enriched lives.

What really made the difference were our GEMs – those who Give Every Month. They gave us a solid base of support we could count on. One of our donors told me at the donor reception, “As someone who cares deeply that older adults live healthy lives, I now know that one person, one gift does have the power to make a difference.”  Jan and Don Smith have been donors for many years. I asked them why they give to SVSC and why every month. Jan said, “I like to support the Senior Center because only good things happen there. My monthly support provides good continuity.”

I want to invite you, our members, who enjoy all we offer to consider becoming a monthly donor. The good news is that even $5 or $10 a month can make a difference! Like small drops of water can become a mighty river, so many monthly donors provide the base we need to thrive and grow. You’ll see on our Gratitude report that over a third of our revenue comes from individual donors. You make a difference.

What are the benefits of becoming a monthly donor?

  • You provide the stable, predictable base of support we can count on.
  • You help us empower more older adults to lead enriched lives than before without ever writing another check.
  • You make us more efficient and innovative.
  • You get fewer asks and more updates on your impact.
  • It’s convenient with just one form to fill out once.

So consider becoming a GEM (Giver Every Month). Just go to our website and on the donate page, select monthly. Or mail in the envelope that is in the newsletter each month!  We’ll give you updates on the impact of your monthly gifts and a tax letter in January.

In the meantime, enjoy all the accomplishments presented in our 2021 Gratitude Report. Our success is your success with a healthy, enriched life.

I welcome your comments, questions and yes even complaints. You can contact me at 425-333-4152 or

Lisa Yeager