November 2022 Directors Letter

Introducing Our New mission and Vision Statements

On September 27, 2022; the dining hall was filled with people celebrating Sno-Valley Senior Center and all we have to offer our members and residents of the valley.  It was billed as a Festival of Fun. Attendees were given the opportunity to experience the programs, activities and services provided by our staff, outside presenters and volunteers. During the festivities, the Programs and Marketing Committee of the board had hoped to introduce the new mission and vision statements.

However, in the excitement of demos, dancing, and drumming, we only mentioned that there were banners displaying this information. We are taking this opportunity to present them to you now.

The mission of SVSC is to cultivate a welcoming and inclusive gathering place that supports, inspires and uplifts our Snoqualmie Valley community to lead healthy, enriched lives through participation in diverse programs.

A couple who are new members commented that their friends in Snoqualmie refer to our center as the place that has “all the cool things”. When asked what makes our center special, another member responded that the high quality of leadership is reflected in the kindness and encouragement of staff, volunteers and participants. These observations are examples of our mission statement at work.

As we look toward the future, we imagine SVSC described as a learning center, a hub of activity, a place to play, connect and belong. In this ever-changing world, we recognize that diversity means growth. SVSC is a senior center, but we welcome participation by all ages. Our revised vision statement reflects our hopes for the future.

The vision of Sno Valley Senior center is to provide a multigenerational community that supports you as you age.

We have a mission and a vision. Now we need your help to get the message out to our communities. When talking to family, friends, and neighbors about the SVSC, what is the message you convey? We know that many of you are already doing an amazing job spreading the word about our center. To help with specific talking points, the board has developed an “elevator speech” that follows.

The SVSC is dedicated to inspiring valley neighbors to lead engaged, healthy, and meaningful lives at any stage of their journey. We believe that each person has worth, and all are welcome to join in the activities and services here. We encourage you to create your own adventure! You can explore your creativity, get some exercise, see a health professional, lead a class, volunteer, or find and build your community. We’re here to nurture joyful friendships and positive growth through the aging process.

The board and staff look forward to hearing your ideas. In the meantime, continue to participate in activities and promote the growth of our center.

Cecelia McCorkle, Board member & Chair of the Programs & Marketing Committee

P.S. Special thanks to King County Councilmember Sarah Perry for a $5,000 grant for emergency preparedness!