4th of July Thank You and Re-in-Carnation Update!

How exciting to see the Re-In-Carnation Thrift Store be re-born in the Sno-Valley Senior Center! It will have a Grand Opening the second week of July with lots of new and fun items to purchase so be sure to come and check it out! Special thanks to our Thrift Store Manager Angie Hartung and to Sara Lambert for the hours of hard work they put in to make the transition as seamless as possible. They packed and moved with the help of the Rotary Club of Duvall and the Sno-Valley Senior Center board and staff. It was quite a team effort! Well done! (By the way, the Rotary Club of Duvall also gave us a grant for $1,500 in June! What support they give us!)

I’m also quite in awe of the community support for our July 3 & 4 fundraisers! The Duvall Civic Club is sponsoring to help underwrite expenses so every penny can go for our programs. We also got yummy strawberries from Remlinger Farms. Plus, the local grocery stores also provide in-kind food for the Spaghetti Dinner. IGA in Carnation, the Farm House Market in Fall City and Duvall Family Grocer and Safeway all provide ingredients for spaghetti as do Senior Center members JJ & Susan Schmoll! Starbucks even donates coffee for the event.

Our volunteers make these wonderful community events possible. Delores Ulrich and family have chaired the Strawberry Shortcake for over 20 years! They have raised over $40,000 total in all those Shortcake feeds for Center programs! We are so grateful for them. Delores used to do Spaghetti the night before too! But then Daniel Encisco and Jim Ribail took on that event and have made it very special. All of these events take lots of volunteer support so we are very grateful to all those who help us make it happen. The whole community looks forward to these events.

The Membership should be very proud of the impact this Senior Center has on the lives of so many. You’ll see our Annual report inside. It is our gratitude report to the donors and volunteers who make us thrive. This community and all those who give time and treasure make me so inspired and grateful. I get to see how the hot lunch, the transportation, the fitness classes, the clubs and educational
offerings change people’s lives. I get to see the friendships that form. We’re making a difference. All of you are the power behind our work.

We also have an amazing staff. Kira Avery was recently named Rising Star at the Washington State Senior Center Conference in Wenatchee. We are so proud of her! Congratulations!

We’ve moved offices around. Now our bookkeeper Mindie is upstairs and the Thrift Store Manager, Angie and our Social Worker Kelly can be found behind reception. We’ve also found some new used desks and have spiffed up the office space. The staff all pooled their funds to buy me a new office chair as the old one was quite beat up.  That’s the kind of amazing staff we have!

As always if you have any questions, problems or praises, come talk to me in my office on the 2nd floor or call 425-333-4152, ext. 1 or e-mail Lisay@soundgenerations.org