GiveBIG and Plant Sale Thank You!

Thank you to those who donated to Give BIG! We were able to raise $ 3,137 + $1,000 match from Kimberly Smith of Weichert Realty = $4,337! All that money goes to community dining. Jennifer would love to see more of you attending our noon meal!  It’s a great meal for a good price! Bring your friends and family. We rival many local restaurants for quality and portions. Everyone who attends lunch June 10-14 will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Safeway gift card! Bring a first time guest and you will get double entries and they will too!

I also want to thank our amazing plant sale committee who raised a record breaking $15, 578 net! In this group, each person takes a piece so the event comes together seamlessly and easily. It is so much fun! The group was ably lead by Chair Darcy Dinwiddie. We purchase some plants at wholesale and resell them. Tami Agnew choose the plants to buy and resell and she did a great job of getting an amazing variety. Pat Beagle and Joyce Butler brought in a record number of donated plants from local nurseries and individuals.

Mike Becker coordinated the logistics of tents, tables, fencing, and set up/tear down. We are so grateful to Remlinger Farms for donating the use of their huge tent and to JJ Schmoll for the use of another very large tent.  We can’t do this without so much generosity of in-kind donations and time. Speaking of giving time, Cecelia McCorkle recruited and coordinated a huge cadre of 200+ volunteers who help with every aspect from set up to pricing to watering and cashiering. Denise Crutchfield led the First Picks party by catering it personally plus assisting the wineries and brewery that offered tastes of their amazing wines and beer. It was our most fun and successful party yet. Partly the success was due to Kira Avery and the amazing job she did publicizing the event. She also was in charge of the Garden Art vendors who had beautiful unique items.

Many people donated their expertise: Liz Post and Susan Miller were our Master Gardeners. Robin Woeltz of RobinMariePhotography took amazing photos of the First Picks. Tony Dambrava served as the DJ of music for the party. Kris Kirby oversaw the bake sale with assistance of Delores Ulrich’s homemade cinnamon rolls. Kirsten Lints of Gardens Alive made some beautiful container gardens to sell. Angie Hartung oversaw the
cashiering for all the plants! What a team! We are so grateful for the sponsorship of Scott Massey in memory of Sonja Massey, who chaired this event many years. Also the King County Community Service Area grant funded the children’s area. The kids really enjoyed getting to decorate a pot then plant it.  It was quite a weekend. Thank you for your support.  Fundraisers are one key way we fund our programs and services.

Our next big event is the July 3 Spaghetti with chefs Daniel Encisco and Jim Ribail. Then July 4, Delores Ulrich’s family makes and sells a thousand cinnamon rolls.  Volunteers are needed to assist with these community events, so if you can help, let me know!

The Board has decided to move the Re-In-Carnation Thrift Store temporarily into the Senior Center. It will be now located on the main floor in the Game Room and the Sitting Room. This will necessitate that we move the current activities in those spaces to rooms upstairs. It’s not an ideal situation but it will save the senior center much needed funds while we come up with a plan to rebuild the Thrift Store. (The building has some serious structural problems and will need to be torn down.)  The store will move in mid-June to reopen sometime in July in its new space in the Senior Center. We are so sorry for the inconvenience as we try to make space for all the wonderful programs and activities we offer. If you have questions about the future of Re-In-Carnation, feel free to talk to me or our board president, Jerry Sprute at (425) 268-9365.

I’m always happy to chat with you if you have questions, concerns or praise, We have a most amazing Senior Center! You can pop up to my office or e-mail or call 425-333-4152, ext. 1