Celebrating Volunteers

This month we are celebrating volunteers. It’s inadequate to say Sno-Valley Senior Center exists because of our volunteers but it’s a core truth. If people were not so generous with their time, we would have to close our doors.

We have amazing volunteers who staff our reception desk. They greet people, answer phones,      accept money for classes, do data entry and answer myriad questions. Volunteers bring in our    continental breakfast and two of those – Barb Haugen and Delores Ulrich have been doing it for decades!  (they even provide homemade food!)

Volunteers greet at lunch and make change for those who wish to make a lunch donation. Volunteers cook, prepare and serve the food for lunch and wash up afterward. Volunteers help at our Thrift Store Re-In-Carnation as cashiers and sorters. They help us raise $70,000 every year with their work. These are our core weekly volunteers who make a commitment to come regularly.

Many volunteers help for a season like those who help with our fundraisers. They do the pre-planning and working day of events like the pie & cake auction, the plant sale, bingo, our annual auction plus our July 4 Shortcake and   Spaghetti events and Holiday Bazaar. Some volunteers chair the event and others assist on the committee. Some volunteers help us with yardwork or teaching a class. Others help with mailings and office support. But ALL of them are essential to the running of our Center.

Did you know that volunteering is important to health? Studies show that volunteers live longer, healthier lives.  That is the result of having a purpose and opportunities to make social connections. Volunteering can strengthen us cognitively and physically! It’s an opportunity to share what we have learned over our lifetimes but also an            opportunity to learn new things!  Volunteers don’t have time to be isolated or depressed. Life is busy and full.  An AARP study said “Inactivity as you age can promote the advancement of heart issues, bone loss, joint pain, fat, and a slew of other health issues. Getting out and volunteering can help combat these issues.”

So if you aren’t a volunteer yet, consider joining our crew. Life is always changing so we always have a need for new volunteers. Come check out an orientation for volunteers. It gives you a chance to find out what’s available and for us to find out your interests and availability.  Orientation is on April 4 at 1pm or April 24 at 10am. Just contact Kira at 425-333-4152, ext 3 or kiraa@soundgenerations.org or just show up on that date.

A big Thank you to our volunteers. You make a world of difference with your big beautiful generous hearts. We want to honor you with an Ice Cream Social on April 11 at 2:00 p.m. RSVP at the Front Desk or at kiraa@soundgenerations.org.