Look at all we’ve accomplished in just six months of 2017

In January 2017, we held our annual meeting. At that time, we had board members at different tables get membership feedback on what you wish we were doing but aren’t yet. I want you to know that the board has been diligently working on your suggestions! Here’s what’s been accomplished in the last six months! (Spoiler alert: it’s a lot!)
• Take better care of our grounds (Bobbie Hinzman has been mowing weekly and trimming trees then monthly we’ve had volunteer groups to weed.) It’s looking pretty good around here!
• Van with a lift (purchased a new van in March 2017 with money from our 2016 auction and from the Ralph Scheidegger legacy gift) Isn’t it beautiful? Come take a ride!
• Wood floor care needed (Floor to be replaced July 2017 with durable maple wood used for basketball courts.) We are placing felt on table & chair legs so we won’t scratch it up so much!
• Kitchen improvements (Bids received on getting a roll top door and new counter with pass through for carts for the coffee counter. New shelving has been received and installed soon.)
• Sound system needs improving (more speakers and enhancements to improve sound done June 2017) You should be able to hear no matter where you sit in the Main Hall. Come test it out!
• Pruning class or demo (done at Plant Sale May 2017) Thank you Greg Guiliani!
• CPR class (offered June 2017) Thank you Eastside Fire and Rescue. We’ll do it again!
• Overnight trips (trip to Leavenworth offered July 2017) Where else would you like to go?
• Maintenance of ramps (June 2017 had westside ramp replaced, Sept. 2017 eastside ramp will be painted and repaired)
• Bookclub (begun spring 2017) Thanks Melanie! They meet the last Monday of the month.
• Quilting club (needs a leader – anyone interested in coordinating?)
• Garden club (needs a leader – anyone interested in coordinating?)
• Dances or Music nights (we’ve got some leads but we are open to more ideas!)
• A daily newspaper for the Center (anyone want to purchase a subscription for us?)
• More vegetarian meal options (improved but share your thoughts, recipes and ideas with Chef Jennifer)
• Name Badges (staff will get name badges in the fall. Do members want?)
• Hospital Telemedical (not practical at this time, but we have Bastyr here on Fri and Deborah from Snoqualmie Hospital here Wed to do anti-coagulation, blood pressure, lab work)
• Senior Housing (board in discussion with non-profit Snoqualmie Valley Housing Solutions)
• Become an emergency shelter (grant written to get a generator)
• Multi-age programs (summer has seen lots of teen volunteers but feel free to bring grandchildren to join us for lunch, fitness classes, etc. We are open to your ideas!)
• Need a second ping pong table (the ping pong group pooled their resources and bought one!)
It’s pretty amazing what we have accomplished together in just six months! Let me know what needs you see and if you have ideas, volunteer time, or funds to help make it happen.
You can reach me at 425-333-4152, ext 1 or e-mail Lisay@soundgenerations.org