Sponsorship Opportunities

Happy New Year!  Thank you so much for your role in making the Sno-Valley Senior Center the wonderful place it is.  I appreciate your friendships, and the stream of inspiration and motivation that making working here such a pleasure. You keep me doing what I do and loving it day after day.  Thank you!  I’m in awe of people’s generosity in giving of their time and treasure.

We don’t have a final budget number for the year 2017 yet but our fundraisers were more successful than ever and donations are up!  We entered 2017 with a $50,000 shortfall due to government and United Way money being pulled. We all worked hard but look to still end the year about $20,000 in the red.  Fortunately, we have a very healthy savings account to cover the deficit.  But it also means we raised $30,000 more than we ever have before and that is a lot to be proud of!

We have to raise $500,000 every year to keep the Senior Center operating. This year my goal is to try to get more sponsorships so that all of the costs of putting on an event like the cake auction or bingo or the plant sale is covered so that all the proceeds can go toward our programs.  Then when you donate or participate, every cent can go toward our lunch program so people can get out and enjoy friendships and conversation and get good nutrition too. Donations also go toward providing fitness class, transportation and socialization.  In other words, everything we do is aimed at empowering seniors (you and me) to lead healthy, enriched lives.  That’s what your donations go for. When you donate, you make a difference in the life of one of your neighbors and friends.

So, if you would like to sponsor an event, just let me know.  Sponsorship covers the cost of the bingo caller, food, and utilities, etc.  It’s a great way to honor someone by sponsoring an event in their name. It’s also a fun way to bring the family together to sponsor an event that is special to you.  Finally, it’s also a wonderful way to get out the word about a business or service you provide as we will print your logo on all materials and promote your business on Facebook.  Sponsors also get free admission to the event and the opportunity to share about the person you want to honor or the business you want others to know about.  The cost varies. Rainbow Bingo is $750; Cake & Pie auction & Plant Sale is $1,000; spaghetti & shortcake, holiday bazaar & the wine, art & chocolate events are $300.  We will also do multiple sponsorships per event so you can do $100 for a partial sponsorship.  It’s easy to do, just contact me, and I’ll make sure your honored person or business is front and center.  Let others know about this opportunity, too!

I look forward to a wonderful 2018 with you all!

Lisa Yeager, 425-333-4152, ext. 1, Lisay@soundgenerations.org